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Album Review: Ty Segall – Mr. Face

TY SEGALL – MR. FACE Reviewed By: Kaitlyn Ouverson Rating: 6/10      Mr. Face is the musical embodiment of short-yet-sweet; with a voice eerily similar to that of Iggy Pop, Ty Segall has arranged a few songs that will surely get your feet tapping as quickly as they have[...]

the-districts-a-flourish-and-a-spoil-album-cover (1)

Album Review: The Districts – A Flourish and a Spoil

The Districts – A FLOURISH AND A SPOIL Reviewed By: Kaitlyn Ouverson Rating: 8/10 The Districts is a band from Lititz, Pennsylvania, in case you were wondering. It took me a while to learn any bit of information about this band; in fact, their hometown is the only fact I[...]


Album Review: Guster – Evermotion

Guster – Evermotion  Review By Dan Chapman Rating: 9/10 Guster resurfaced this year to release their seventh studio album, Evermotion. For a band that has been around for twenty years now, their ability to transcend generations is impeccable. Evermotion excellently showcases this ability with assistance from producer Richard Swift, bassist[...]


Album Review: The Dodos – Individ

The Dodos – Individ Review by Thomas Orlando Rating: 7.5/10 If you’re not familiar with the Dodos there are some basic need to know about them. Firstly, it’s a duo which means the uneducated masses will compare them to other Indie Duos. They have a fresh sound and flesh out[...]


1st Instatllment of KURE News Show

  Tune in tonight for the first broadcast of KURE News at 7 PM! We’ll be discussing campus goings-on, local news, national and international headlines, and some pop culture happenings. Did you hear about Obama’s selfie stick video? Have you seen anything about the Chapel Hill shootings?  Check us out[...]