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The String Cheese Incident - Song in my Head

The String Cheese Incident – Song In My Head

6.5/10 The String Cheese Incident is a band that sounds like what would happen if Phish, Béla Fleck and The Flecktones, and Return to Forever all got together and just jammed. The band steadily released both studio and live albums from 1997-2005, but Song In My Head is their first[...]

Foster The People - Supermodel

Foster the People – Supermodel

Rating 8.5/10 Finally, the long awaited second album from the suddenly famous overnight band.  Funny how Foster went from recovering drug addict writing jingles for the radio to famous for writing a song about a school shooting.  Snaps to him. Making such a topic catchy enough to be played endlessly[...]

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Tune Tawx Update- 04/06/2014

Tune Tawx airs Sunday from 5pm – 6pm. It discusses the newest music and latest in the independent music world. Hosts David Robidon’t SyndiKaitlyn Mickel Pickle Nick Spumanti Tommy Salami Ethan WheatThin News David Lynch Reissue Jack White new single/Deadweather Nirvana Comic Radiohead – Another Link! Wu Tang Offered $5[...]


Manchester Orchesta – Cope

Score: 6/10 Manchester Orchestra has been making music together since 2004, and this is their fourth LP together.  Manchester Orchestra is, in my opinion, best when shifting from varying emotions and tempos, going from an acoustic-led song into a stomping, heavy Southern-inspired song.  That element of there song writing was[...]


Off! – Wasted Years

Score: 9/10 Off! is a hardcore supergroup out of Los Angeles, comprised of members from Circle Jerks, Black Flag, Burning Brides, Red Kross, Rocket from the Crypt, and Hot Snakes.  The band has put out four EPs, and one other LP, and all of them have been fast, angry hardcore[...]