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65 Years on the Air

Calling on KURE Alumni

We are looking for past board members, DJ’s, and other committee members that has worked with KURE in the past and tell about your experience and fill out the questionnaire below. Tell about your experience and what was going on when you were apart of KURE. Thank you so much[...]


Radio Survivor Article

KURE is now featured in an article on Radio Survivor website. It discuss the article that was featured earlier last week by Ames Tribune. Below is the link to the article, read and enjoy! Article: College Radio Watch: KURE Must Move, KWCW GM Shares Advice When Facing FCC Violations and WESU[...]


Iowa State Daily Discusses The Stations Moving Situation

  KURE’s future plans has caused a buzz on many media outlets. The Iowa State Daily asks their own questions about the reasoning behind the move and how the station is handling it. Below is the full article on the Iowa State Daily website and will be featured in the[...]


Ames Tribune Article on KURE Relocation

An article posted on Saturday November 29th by Ames Tribune discusses the situation that KURE is facing on finding a new station location. The article is written by Gavin Aronsen and has information on the plans KURE has for the new location on campus. Below is the link to the full[...]