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February DJ of the Month

Rebekka Brown DJ of February    Rebbeka also goes by the DJ name of Grandma Brown and the kinds of music you will hear during the show can range from punk, old school rock n roll, to a love story playlist that complements a certain story. Having an arrange of[...]


March DJ of the Month

DJ of March Calee Himes For the month of March KURE recognizes Calee Himes for her involvement and the quality of her show “Not your Dads Radio Show” on Thursdays from 12pm-1pm. Calee is a 2nd year graduate student studying graphic design at Iowa State. Calee also known by her listeners[...]


Champs New Album Vamala Review

Vamala by Champs Review By: Jasmine Francois Rated: 7.5/10 A light-hearted but energetic album. After listening through once, I felt a familiar comfort with the songs as if I’d been listening to them for years (in a good way). Each song is unique and memorable, creating a nice up/down flow[...]


Album Review: EULA – Wool Sucking

EULA-Wool Sucking Review By: Jasmine Francois Rating: 5.5/10   Mellow, somber album overall but it doesn’t make me introspective though–it just makes me want to stop listening.  Lots of dissonance (or were they just out of tune?), which is effective in making the listener slightly uncomfortable.  After listening through the album[...]


Album Review: State Champs – The Acoustic Things

State Champs – The Acoustic Things Reviewed By: Tate Huckstadt Rating: 7/10 State Champs took an opportunity to showcase their softer side with their acoustic EP, The Acoustic Things. The band traded in their usual rambunctious sound for smooth vocals, softly played acoustic guitars, light percussion and delicate keyboard parts,[...]