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KURE Fest 2014 Line Up

Thursday October 2nd: Open Mic 8PM @ The Maintenance Shop Featuring Patrick and Chris from Gloom Balloon. Come show us what you’ve got! All talents accepted. (No full bands) Microphones and piano provided! Friday October 3rd: 8PM @ The Maintenance Shop DYLAN SIRES & THE NEIGHBORS Annalibera Illium So Happy[...]


Chiaroscuro – I Break Horses

Rating: 6/10 It’s the year 1988 and you’re in your senior year of high school; the few hours that had been talked up your entire secondary-education career are almost over. The sweat is starting to tickle against the skin of your back and you can easily distinguish who is wearing[...]


Mac DeMarco – Salad Days

Rating: 7/10 Opening with a song reminiscent of the not so long past era in which good songs became the background of nearly every commercial in the continental U.S., an era which some would call the “glory days” (if these commercials weren’t so well funded and so often played), Mac[...]



8/10 The first listen I had to both this artist and this album, which are conveniently of the same name, was on what many of those who are close to me would describe as my favorite radio-station, NPR. But that story is for a different time and a different place.[...]