Album Review: Everything Feels Better Now by From Indian Lakes

Reviewed by: Jorie Mallinger
Score: 8.5/10
Indian Lakes is where Joey Vannucchi (the lead singer) grew up. He grew up without electricity and isolated on 40-acres of land near Yosemite national park. So it’s no wonder he became obsessed with music to fill the time. From Indian lakes has a very soft indie-pop sound with a hint of laid-back folk in there too. Vannucchi’s soothing vocals combined with the music creates a very haunting yet relaxing atmosphere.
For this album, Vannucchi recorded all of the vocals and instrumentals himself. There was no post production editing and he used analog recording equipment that was real old-school. Vannucchi created delays and overlaps in the music with tape recorders. This effect can particularly be noted and appreciated in the songs “Feel Love” and “American Dreams” both of these songs almost echo. Vannucchi is a serious musician and does not cut corners.
For me, the highlight of the album is the song “The Monster” which is more on the pop side of the spectrum. In this song Vannucci describes himself as a monster because he struggles to have any healthy relationships in his life and has to fight his nature in order to turn his life around. The music video for this song did a wonderful job of depicting this very scenario.
The recurring theme in Vanucchi’s fourth LP is the idea of emotions existing in a raw and pure form. Everything is presented naturally and vulnerably much like the nature he grew up surrounded by. It’s mood music for the hopeless romantic, overwhelmed by the desire to connect but pining for the confidence to make the first move.

FCC: None
RIYL: Half Moon Run, Rhye
Fav Tracks: 2, 3, 7

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