Review: Ty Segall – Mr. Face

TY SEGALL – MR. FACEtysegall-mrface
Reviewed By: Kaitlyn Ouverson

Rating: 6/10

     Mr. Face is the musical embodiment of short-yet-sweet; with a voice eerily similar to that of Iggy Pop, Ty Segall has arranged a few songs that will surely get your feet tapping as quickly as they have mine. The title track to this EP is surely the most playable. The second song, “Circles,” is fairly drum-heavy, which can be a risky musical strategy, considering the ability to turn the supplemental quality of drums into a mask of percussion over the entire tune. “Circles” doesn’t seem to cross into that territory, but that may be due to the extremely chaotic nature of the song; it doesn’t ever wind down, as the song draws to a close in more of a fifty-car-pile-up kind of way. Ty Segall is an artist that I would consider to have a fairly specific range of listeners, and this EP pays homage to that attribute, especially with the third song, “The Drug Mugger.” The fourth and final song of this EP, “The Picture,” is much slower than the other three tracks and feels much more in the flair of David Bowie than the rest of the EP. Overall, this EP is moderately worth the listen; I assume that it could have only been ameliorated with additional volume.

FCC: Clean
Reccommended Tracks: 1, 4
FIYL: T Rex, David Bowie, Iggy Pop

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