Aquilo’s new self-titled EP review!

Aquilo EP by Aquilo

Reviewed by: Jasmine Francois

Score: 7.5/10
Although this is only an EP, it plays like a CD reaching to both ends of the musical spectrum. It is a great combination of soft-swaying ballads and electro/dance beats.  The vocals are mellow but moving, meshing very well with the piano, strings, and synth instrumentals used.  Songs have a nice build-up and declaration of sound at the appropriate times, which makes each song traditionally appealing.  Overall, this EP is very well put together, hitting the marks with catchy melodies and beats.  Aquilo is a band to look out for, as they have already began making a name for themselves in the UK.  Since the release of this EP, Aquilo has released a two more EPs entitled ‘Human’ and ‘Calling Me’.
FCC Violations: None
Favorite Tracks: #5 Better Off Without You, #1 Good Girl, #4 I Gave It All
RIYL: Soft Electronic/Indie, Sleeping At Last, Sam Smith

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