Ology by Gallant

by Michael McKinney Rating: 5/10 There’s an ongoing project that Gallant has called “In the Room.” He uses it to ‘pay tribute to and create[…]


I See You by The xx

by Logan Gesell Rating: 9/10 The xx continues their well known themes of love and inevitable heartbreak while making it sound just as exciting and[…]


WORRY. by Jeff Rosenstock

by Michael McKinney Rating: 7.5/10 On 2015’s We Cool?, Jeff Rosenstock presented a compelling, if deeply flawed, character. He seemed afraid to grow up, constantly[…]


Norah Jones – Day Breaks

by Michael McKinney Rating: 5 / 10 Norah Jones started her career established firmly in the background. Come Away With Me established her, fairly or[…]