Review: ‘Delusion Moon’ by Meat Wave

Delusion Moon by Meat Wave
Written By: Dr. Musicmeat-wave-delusion-moon
Rating: 7/10

Meat Wave is a band out of Chicago that seems to pull influence from all across the board, most obviously The Jesus Lizard and early Albini bands like Shellac and Big Black.  The band recently signed to SideOneDummy Records, an independent label out of LA, and find themselves among good company with bands like PUP, Andrew Jackson Jihad and Violent Soho.  Meat Wave is at times dark, gloomy post-punk, and others blistering noise rock, all drawn together with the frenetic vocals of singer Chris Sutter.

The album is a fast-paced, 40 minute exploration of angst, anxiety, witchcraft and paranoia. Topics that at first don’t seem to fit together, but the band somehow melds smoothly into a fitting narrative of our lives in 2015. Meat Wave says the record focuses on “the lunar cycles and the concept of moon sickness” but that doesn’t shine through as much as how the band explores today’s society.  On ‘Eraser,’ they sing “I pray to the napalm, I saw the light” and then immediately launch into their next song ‘NRA’ where they say ‘they [NRA] found the lines and are crossing over it.”  The album seems to focus around the violent nature of today’s society.  If you too wonder what’s causing the absolute madness here on Earth, then Meat Wave suggests you ‘take a look into the great unknown’ for the answers.



FCC: None

Favorite Tracks: 12, 8, 13

RIYL: The Jesus Lizard, Cloud Nothings, Wavves

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