Equipment Rentals

Sound System Rentals

KURE is the quickest and easiest way to provide an amplified PA for your event, without the hassle commonly associated with acquiring sound equipment. The PA is available for rental to anyone, with discounts for Iowa State University organizations and students.

Basic Rental Package

The Basic Rental Package encompasses all you’ll need for your event. KURE will customize the package to suit your event, when needed. If all you need is some speakers to play some music, look no further!

  • DJ Rack:

    • DJ Mixer

    • iPod Cable

    • Dual CD Player

    • Single Microphone

  • Two Speakers and Stands

  • Speaker Amplifier

  • All Necessary Cables

Dual Turn-Table Package

The Dual Turn-Table Package is a set of two top of the line Technics Turntables and a battle pack mixer, perfect for vinyl-based DJ’s. Can also be adapted for laptop based setups (Serato, Traktor, Torq, etc.)

  • Two Turn-Tables with Cartridges

  • Battle Mixer

  • Two Speakers and Stands

  • Speaker Amplifier

  • All Necessary Cables

Add-on Items

  • Multi-Microphone Mixer

  • Additional or Specialized Microphones

  • Dual Turn-Table Package with Mixer

  • Mic stands

Additional Items:

If your event needs something more than the Basic Rental Package, or something else entirely, other equipment is available.

Further Details:

  • All rentals are first-come, first-serve, with station events taking first priority

  • The Engineer daily fee can be substituted for the deposit; either an engineer is hired or the deposit is paid.

  • By default, KURE assumes that the music will be provided by the client, however KURE can provide music for an event upon request.
  • Equipment returned within 36 hours of pickup is considered to be within the first day of the daily rate.

Please direct all questions regarding rentals to the Production Director.