Isaac Bries – DJ of the Month – March 2018

Name: Isaac Bries
Hometown: Bettendorf, IA
DJ Name: DJ Bonehead

What is your show called and what does it entail?
The Shape of Sound. Each week I focus on tracks that focus heavily on timbre and tone rather than lyrics or traditional song structures. Most of what I play is instrumental music that could fall into genres like ambient, drone, field recording, or soundscapes.

Why did you become a DJ?
I’ve thought about being a DJ since I started college. During my first semester in the Fall of 2014 I actually made a playlist to submit, but I never sent it in because I didn’t think it was any good (Looking back, it was pretty bad). If I had to point to a singular source of my DJ aspirations, it would be Pete White, who hosted a radio show called “The White Room” at State University in the 1980’s. Being a DJ allows me to cultivate an on-air atmosphere that would be difficult to reproduce in real life, and to share music and art that hopefully inspires the listener.

What is your favorite album and/or artist of all time?
I’m not sure I could narrow it down to one, so I’ll share two albums that never cease to amaze and inspire me: Repave by Volcano Choir, and Enjoy Your Rabbit by Sufjan Stevens. I won’t try to express their musical ideas in words, but will say that is a wonderful treat to lose yourself in the warm, life-giving energy these albums create.

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