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QuickyKwiz registration is now open for QuickyKwiz 2019!!
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KURE and the Kaleidoquiz staff are excited to put on QK 2019 on November 2nd.

If you’ve never participated in QuickyKwiz, don’t worry, we love new teams! If you’ve never heard of QK, it’s a 6 hour long version of our 26 hour KaleidoQuiz (KQ) that we host in the spring. We ask you all kinds of fun trivia questions over the radio, have a couple of mini events to compete in, and scavenger hunts. The winner will receive fabulous prizes, can confirm.

Registration is completed in two steps:

1) Complete the registration form above. It must be completed in it’s entirety to be considered complete. If any mistakes are made corrections can be sent to

2) Submitting payment of the registration fee to 1198 Friley Hall (The KURE Office). The registration fee is $20 and will close on October 30th.

Payment must be made in cash or by a green ISU intramural form. However payment is made it should be put in a sealed envelope with your team name written on it. No payments should be made to DJs in the KURE Studio. If no one is in the office at 1198 Friley Hall payment should be slipped under the door. If you would like to come see me, my office hours are on Monday from 12-2.

No registration will be considered without both of these steps completed. If this form is completed but payment of the registration fee is not received until after October 30th the registration will not be accepted.

Happy QKing!