March DJ of the Month


DJ of March Calee Himes

For the month of March KURE recognizes Calee Himes for her involvement and the quality of her show “Not your Dads Radio Show” on Thursdays from 12pm-1pm. Calee is a 2nd year graduate student studying graphic design at Iowa State. Calee also known by her listeners as DJ Chimes, has been involved with KURE’s music review and having a show for over a year

Calee’s first concert was a Corn with a Puddle of Mudd concert that was a very interesting first concert, but the most recent concert was in Des Moines to see Doomtree during their Summit tour in Iowa. The artist that is her personal favorite is David Bowe and is also a frequent artist on the show. Being interested in such an array of music and genre shows the variety of music that can be expect to be heard during “Not your Dads Radio Show”. Tune into DJ Chimes on Thursdays from 12pm -1pm and you’ll hear some familiar tracks while discovering new songs as well. Calee has been a great example of the DJ quality that KURE is bring to the Ames community and tune in to discover new song and you will  hear some familiar tracks as well. and half. When tuning into DJ Chimes show you will hear a variety of genres such as dad rock, electric, Spanish rock, and a guilty pleasure song at the end that can be any genre. Being involved with KURE Calee’s favorite part is being able to share a variety of music with the public on the air and when you tune it you will hear. With having a guilty pleasure song can be a variety of music and the show still flows together with the different genres.

DJ Chimes Air Time:

Thursday’s, 12pm -1pm

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