Nick Malone – DJ of the Month, November 2017

Name: Nicholas Malone
Hometown: Naperville, IL
DJ Name: “Not Marty Lennartz”

What is your show called and what does it entail?
My show name is Space Auddity, which is a play on words for the song by David Bowie
"Space Oddity". I mainly play lesser known indie/folk/rap but also enjoy venturing
beyond that to see what else I can find. Every week tends to have a new sound but
that's part of what I love about the show. I am constantly finding new music that I can
share with others!

Why did you become a DJ?
I had a friend I met in the dorms tell me about KURE (shout out to the retired DJ
Wavves!) and I was like "hey I like music and I like talking, this is a dream club!" two
years later and it is still the highlight of my week.

What is your favorite album and/or artist of all time?
All-time favorite artist is either Nirvana or the Strokes. My favorite album is probably "Is
This It" by the Strokes.

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