DJ of the Month (January 2015): Taylor Mankle

January DJ of The Month: Taylor Mankle

KURE recognizes Taylor Mankle as the DJ of the month for January. Taylor is a freshman at Iowa State studying Journalism and Mass Communication and this is his 2nd semester with KURE. Taylor is apart of three different shows that include The Clone Zone, Weekend Pregame, and his own show Controlled Chaos. His involvement and contribution for each of these shows are unique and different to the production of the shows.

Taylor is a producer and host for The Clone Zone which is on Thursdays from 4pm – 6pm and started this show this semester.The Clone Zone is a sports talk show that discusses the recent events in the sports world and also the recent news of Iowa State athletics. But it is not your average sports show it implements games, an around the horn section at the end of the show, and a bunch of fun to keep the competitive edge.  Taylor is also involved with the Weekend Pregame and he works as a correspondent under the segment ‘Mankle’s Minute”. This minute can be an array of topics from controversy’s in the NFL to NCAA violations and always last more than a minute.

The final show that Taylor is apart of is Controlled Chaos that is on Fridays from 6pm – 7pm. This show is his own music show where he plays modern rock, punk rock, post hard core and as Taylor put it “anything that gets your foot tapping, heart pumping and head nodding.” Taylor’s favorite band is Adelitas Way and their recent album “Stuck” came out this past July and can be heard during his Friday show.

When asking Taylor about his favorite thing about KURE he discussed all the opportunities that were available for him and how he can find multiple ways to be involved. Taylor has taken advantage of these opportunities with being involved with three shows and having the opportunity to sit court side and broadcasting cyclone basketball and football games.  KURE is thrilled to honor Taylor Mankle as DJ of the Month during January for his involvement, professionalism, and the quality of his shows he produces. If you have not heard his shows yet, it should only take a “Mankle’s Minute” to recognize his DJ skills.


Taylor Mankle’s Shows & Times: 

The Clone Zone, Thursdays 4pm – 6pm
Weekend Pregame, Fridays 3pm – 5pm
Controlled Chaos, Fridays 6pm – 7pm

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